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This space is provided to allow members to share presentations, documents, tips and techniques. 


Most of the slide shows and documents are presented in Portable Data Format (.pdf) to preserve graphics quality when converted from Powerpoint® and be easily viewable by the broadest audience.  To get a free Adobe acrobat reader, click Get Adobe Reader . This is a large download (~20Mb) for PC or Macintosh. Any PDF reader is acceptable. There are a number of free PDF readers available online line. 


Slide Show Viewing Tips: From the Adobe Reader Menu bar select 'Fit to page' or 'Fullscreen' for best viewing options.  Dialup users note file sizes.  It may take about 3-6 minutes to download, depending on connection speed.  PC users, if you wish to download slide show to view at your leisure, right-click on link, select save target as ... and give it a name.


This excellent presentation on Carving Newport Shells was made by Ray Jang at the January 14, 2012 meeting.

Click on link to download. Carving Newport Shells.pdf (~8Mb)  (Note: the last two pages provide resource references and recommended tools.)


At the November 2012 meeting, Larry Saupe presented various forms of Veneering.  Below are his notes.

Click on the link to download.  Veneering Notes.doc (~27 KB).


At the January 2017 Meeting, Keith Mealy shared Color Matching Techniques for woodworkers. Click on Color Matching Techniques by Keith Mealy to view a PDF slide show of his presentation.


At the March 2017 meeting, Gene Wiggs shared critical recommendations on Electrical Safety in the Shop and Home. Click on Electrical Safety in The Shop to view a PDF slide show of his presentation.

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