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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Presentations & Documents


This space is provided to allow members and guest speakers to share presentations, documents and tips and techniques.
Most of the slide shows and documents are presented in Portable Data Format (.pdf) to preserve graphics quality when converted from Powerpoint® and be easily viewable by the broadest audience.  To get a free PDF reader, do a search online and pick the one you prefer. There are dozens available.
Slide Show Viewing Tips: From the PDF Reader Menu bar select 'Fit to page' or 'Fullscreen' for best viewing options. Dialup users note file sizes.  It may take about 3-6 minutes to download, depending on connection speed.  PC users, if you wish to download a slide show to view at your leisure, right-click on link, select save target as ... and give it a name.


Metal in WoodAt the November 2005 meeting, Jim Baldock shared Metal Working Tools & Techniques in the Woodworking Shop
Adirondack Chair ProjectWally Macauley and son-in-law shared their chair building project at May 2007 Meeting
The Framing SquareJim Baldock provides a basic understanding and general over of a Framing Square
Drawing CirclesAt the January 8, 2011, Cincinnati Woodworking Club meeting, Keith Mealy shared his contest winning techniques for drawing circles of various sizes without complex calculations and measures.
Carving Newport ShellsCarving Newport Shells was made by Ray Jang at the January 14, 2012 meeting. (Note: the last two pages provide resource references and recommended tools.
Chippendale MirrorGene Earnest shared the creation process for the Chippendale Mirror several years ago
Veneering NotesAt the November 2012 meeting, Larry Saupe presented various forms of Veneering.
Chippendale Newport Blockfront ChestGene Earnest shared how he built this Blockfront Chest several years ago
Chippendale Pier TableGene Earnest shares his approach to building this historical reproduction
Hand Rubbed Varnish FinishGene Earnest's formula for a Hand Rubbed Varnish Finish
Color Matching Techniques for Woodworkers.At the January 2017 Meeting, Keith Mealy shared Color Matching Techniques for woodworkers. Click on Color Matching Techniques by Keith Mealy to view a PDF slide show of his presentation.
Electrical Safety in the Shop and Home.At the March 2017 meeting, Gene Wiggs shared critical recommendations on Electrical Safety in the Shop and Home. Click on Electrical Safety in The Shop to view a PDF slide show of his presentation.
Surge ProtectorsAt the January 2018 meeting, Gene Wiggs presented a primer in use of Surge Protectors.
Symbols on Tools Gene Wiggs discussed the meaning of various symbols & labels found on tools. Most of these symbols are related to safety. However, many of them are confusing and some may be misleading or useless. May 2018 Meeting.
Mcfeely's New Wood Fasteners & ScrewsTim Grote shared information on Mc Feely's. He showed examples of some new wood fasteners and screws. He also highlighted how these new items can be used in different methods of work. February 2019
Great Electrical Tools for Your ShopGene Wiggs - Shares ideas on uses of a variety electrical tools for your shop. March 2019
Mid Century Modern RescueJeff Molski buys mid century pieces at flea markets and online, and then restores the pieces for resale. In this presentation he shares examples of many pieces he has rescued. March 2019
Picture Framing ArticleMay 2019 Meeting - Keith Mealy shares article on making picture frames.
Picture Framing WorksheetMay 2019 Meeting - Keith Mealy shares picture framing worksheet as supplement to his picture framing presentation.
Picture Framing PresentationKeith Mealy shares things to consider and steps to take to build your perfect picture frame. May 2019 meeting
Odate Japanese ToolboxGene Wiggs shares a plan for making the Odate Japanese Toolbox. May 2019 meeting
CWC Toy ProjectGene Wiggs has taken on the role of coordinating the CWC Toy Project that spans several charity projects that serve needy children. This paper provides information on his launch of the project for 2019. May 2019 meeting
Table Saw AccessoriesHoward Renner shared examples of table saw accessories he uses in his shop. Ideas for creating your own accessories. May 2019 meeting.
10 Easy Steps to a Large Circle Cutting JigAt May 2019 meeting, Gary Claytor shared instructions on how to build a jig for cutting large circles of varying diameters.
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